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Intelligent Remote Control Kegel Ball Pelvic Floor Adult Supplies Female Vaginal Dumbbell Ball

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Product Parameters
Product detail
Princlple 1

Stimulus physical reaction
The internal small ball will bump back and forth in the ball body,thus stimulates the muscle to contract automatically,the long time strengthens the exercise to the pelvic floor muscle,the restoration viginal is tight.

Principle 2

Action of gravity
After putting it into the body,under the action of gravity,vaginal muscles will automatically contract,thus achieving the effect of exercise.

All in one

Training two in one

Electric shrink ball

Remote control vibration

Restore youth and firmness, Return to firming the private parts



Multi-frequency vibration Knows you better

Smart remote control

Principles of Kegel Physics Training

During Training, The Built-in precision steel column will hit back and forth in the shrinking ball.

Produces a subtle impact

Thereby stimulating the automatic contraction of the inner wall of the vagina

persisting for a long time Intensive training of pelvic floor muscles

Restore the contractility of the vaginal muscles, thereby restoring vaginal firmuness

Achieve training effect

Product parameter

Product Name: Electric Shrink Ball

Function: remote control vibration


Material: Silicone/ABS

Color: Yellow orange

Power supply voltage: 3.7V

Noise: Less than or equal to 40db

Endurance: 60min

Frequency band: 10 vibration/ 10 somatosensor

Waterproof: Level 7 Life waterproof

Size: 168*36min


How to Use?
1. First apply lubricant to the kegel ball.
2. Place the kegel ball inside the body and leave the string outside.
3.Appropriate movement, stimulate vaginal automatic contraction.
4.Remove the shrink ball and clean

Scenes to be used

Exercise anytime, anywhere

1. Shop

2. Yoga

3. Walk

4. Housework

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