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Aircraft Cup Electric Male Retractable Masturbation Automatic Heating Vibration Sound Full Waterproof Simulation Yin Solid Doll

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【Unique underwater experience 】

The product has a new full-body waterproof design, which means you can use it underwater. The interior silicone particles are full, and spherical and spiral shapes are all over the interior. Multiple particle designs give you the perfect fit. Spiral Path.

You'll have a wonderful and exciting experience in the water that will bring you different experiences you've never had before. And you will never forget. Feel the wonderful experience that the product brings you, and at the same time Enjoy the dual sensation that water brings you.

【Suction and Vibration 】

Unique section function and vibration function, the combination of the two brings you the feeling of hardness, realism, wrapping, stimulation and comfort. These feelings combine with a unique underwater experience, bringing you a unique Underwater pleasure that belongs only to you. Hands free, The fully automatic vibrating function requires no hands. You just

Need to hold it instead of using your hands to make a boring piston mechanism.

【Keep Dreaming】

I want you to imagine the scene when you sit in the bathtub by yourself, Our Mermaid is tightly attached to your penis, And the sensual material inside makes you forget that she is a masturbator, as if your partner is under your body. Thanks to the voice function accompanied by the spinning water, you enter a fantasy paradise in one second. And the use of water pressure.

Allows you to use the sponge effectively. I hope that the Mermaid 2 is not only a masturbator, but also a faithful Partner who can eliminate your loneliness.


Package includes:

1 x machine

1 x charging cable

1 x manual

1 x Earphone

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